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Conversations with toddlers are truly unique.

They have so much difficulty expressing just exactly what they mean, stumbling over pronunciation and meaning. Creating their own words to fill in the spaces in their vocabularies.

My little man becomes absolutely exasperated at times. So desperately wanting to be understood. Wanting me to help him or just to be a listening ear.

Sometimes I can’t help, I can’t get what he is trying to express, and he gives me this look: I thought you cared.

I wonder how often I give that look to the people in my life.

As adults, how do we react when the people we say we care about need us to be there for them?

Do we simply shoot them a text when we remember to reply? Or do we actually step up and make a plan to be there? To help or spend some time

Globalscape and It’s Products

Why Globalscape?

Well versed in the field of software development, Globalscape demonstrates a profound understanding of industry needs. As a corporation that oversees the successful transfer of files, Globalscape is wholly concerned with preserving the sanctity of business affairs. If not for their innovative initiatives and top-tier services, companies would fall susceptible to unreliable outside sources. Fortunately, Globalscape instills relief, promising to “make business flow brilliantly.”

How Do They Do It?
Globalscape implements a sequence of tried-and-true methods aimed at “automating and securing data integration.” Their Enhanced File Transfer program, EFT, is the strongest tool at their disposal. When employed, the EFT solution will breed the following results.

  • Full transparency
  • Increased transfer exchange
  • Flexibility
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Handy resources
  • Unprecedented security
  • Compliance features
  • Guaranteed data execution
  • Automation details
  • Comparison reports
  • Replacement capabilities

What Do They Offer?
Applauded for their dynamic solutions, Globalscape Aquion www.aquion.com.au/cyber-security/partners/globalscape/ offers an assortment of varied products. Here’s a synopsis of each product.

  • CuteFTP – maintain remote files, simply navigate the product’s interface, secure updates, manage information anytime
  • Mail Express – handles large files, complies with workflow automation, offers file restrictions, allows for internal and external exchanges
  • Wide Area File Services – multiple people can access files, simplified cloud files, devoid of errors, convenient

A company’s merit derives from their level of knowledge. Given Globalscape’s credentialed background, they undoubtedly possess a keen understanding of their trade. Some of the certifications they’ve earned are as follows.

  • FIPS 140-2 Certification
  • Cisco Developer Certification
  • Drummond Certification
  • RSA Certification
  • Microsoft Partner Certification
  • Data Platform Certification

Full Suite Of Services
Given their vast knowledge, it’s no surprise that Globalscape by https://www.aquion.com.au/ provides an exceptionally robust line of services. These are some of the services they offer.

  • Product replacement
  • Product support
  • Assessment services
  • Seamless integration services
  • MFT
  • Large file transfers
  • Deployment services
  • Data exchange via various automations
  • Access to private and public clouds
  • Data integration
  • Automation workflow services
  • Cloud integration
  • Configuration transfers

Crowdstrike In The Retail Industry

The Use Of Crowdstrike In The Retail Industry

When US-based department store Target had to reveal that they had a huge data breach on their hands, many customers were not pleased with them at all. This lead to customers potentially having their vital data leaked out to the public. At the same time, it meant that many people had fraudulent charges on their credit or debit cards, and many had to have these cards replaced as a result. In short, it was not a pleasant time to be Target. However, these kind of attacks are fairly common with retailers, and that is where Crowdstrike can step in to help.

The retail sector is just one sector that Crowdstrike has paid special attention to. They also work in healthcare, finance, and governmental sectors as well. That being said, Crowdstrike understands the unique challenges that come with being in the retail sector. Most importantly, they know that having a data leak can be an incredibly damaging thing to happen to a company that is in the retail industry. Crowdstrike knows that consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to where they shop, so it is of the utmost importance that they remain protected.

Many retailers have complained that they have a tough time keeping up with regulatory compliance as it relates to the Internet and to the protection of the data that they are entrusted with. Crowdstrike by Aquion understands that and has a team on standby to help serve any client who signs up for these services. What it would mean to have these services is that the person who signs up for them no longer has to fret about regulatory compliance for themselves, but rather can shift that burden over to Crowdstrike to worry about. It may seem like someone who does this is just shirking their responsibilities, but they are actually just making sure everything is done properly.

The retail sector is the frequent target of those who would like to steal information. This is because a lot of hackers realize that plenty of everyday people shop at classic retailers, and this means that a lot of data is always available there. Crowdstrike understands this unique issue and goes to work everyday staying ahead of the latest attacks that the hackers have come up with. They are clever in making sure that they do not fall behind and are always thinking of the next times of attacks rather than the previous ones.

In the Australian market, you can get Crowdstrike at Aquion https://www.aquion.com.au/ which has made it stand out in a big way. They have made a lot of progress that others have not. Many top companies are trusting this single service as their way of combating the increasingly complex and intense cyber attacks that hackers are coming up with. If this sounds like the spot that you find yourself in today, you need the help of this particular company. The work that they do is second to none. You will be pleased with the amount of effort that they clearly put into each and every project that they do.

Why Rapid7?

Why Rapid7?

Steering clear of undesirable hacker attacks is what every web owner yearns for. Unfortunately, most don’t boast the know-how to circumnavigate such issues – enter Rapid7. Rapid7 is a computer security agency dedicated to safeguarding the inner workings of the digital domain. Promising to “reduce risk” and “detect and contain attacks,” Rapid7 eradicates potential threats by employing their sound techniques. Using a harmonious blend of technology and research, Rapid7 concocts individualized solutions to keep a company’s website well-oiled. Here are some of their tried-and-true approaches to combating cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

  • Emulates real-life scenarios to adequately determine level of risk
  • Creates an “attack storyboard”
  • Tells Rapid7 what that best course of action is
  • Suggests the best practices for precluding infiltration
  • Tests both internal and external sources

Vulnerability Management

  • Application scanning
  • Provides regular assessments
  • Detects and protects soft underbelly
  • Gives Rapid7 at Aquion full rein over implementing best tactics


  • Makes your website poised for rapid responses
  • Creates an “army” to cover all fronts
  • Develops a program for threat detection
  • Investigates the root of an attack
  • Arms individuals with various programs to deploy during varying situations

IoT Security

  • Ensures every facet of your digital domain is secure
  • Tests hardware and protocol
  • Analyzes firmware
  • Provides threat modeling


  • Assesses the damage of an attack
  • Clients receive shrewd counseling on strategies
  • Allows for remote access into your account
  • Provides consistent analysis

Unique products
In addition to these result-driven services, Rapid7 offers a slew of their personal products as well. These products are peculiar to Rapid7, making them wholly one of a kind. Rapid7’s concocted, tested, and perfected these products themselves, ensuring that each maintains a utilitarian purpose. Below are some products Rapid7 takes pride in offering.

  • InsightPhish
  • InsightIDR
  • InsightVM
  • Metasploit
  • Komand
  • InsightAppSec
  • InsightOps

Renowned for their ingenuity, Rapid7 from https://www.aquion.com.au/ leaps at the opportunity to exercise their enterprising aptitude. In fact, their mission is to eventually lead the SecOps movement, directing it down a path that runs parallel to Rapid7’s beliefs

Globalscape: World Class Solutions

Globalscape: Offering World-Class Solutions

Excelling in the realm of software, Globalscape allows for the secure transfer of online files. Armed with ample industry experience, Globalscape is exceedingly schooled in their domain. In fact, they’ve been a prominent member of their trade for upwards of three decades. In essence, Globalscape facilitates the inner workings of business affairs while simultaneously safeguarding the information that organizations share via the digital sphere. Revered as a competent software provider, Globalscape at Aquion https://www.aquion.com.au/cyber-security/partners/globalscape/ revels in their renowned reputation. What’s more, their previous triumphs fuel their ongoing efforts, ensuring that their prestigious status remains untouched.

As an attempt to effectively illustrate Globalscape’s prowess, consider the list of honorable titles below.

  • Bronze Winner – Global Excellence Awards
  • Gold Winner – Security Category
  • 5-star Rating – The Channel Company
  • Top IT Leaders In The Channel
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Companies To Work For In Texas
  • HR Employer Of The Year
  • 2016 Best Places To Work
  • Champion Of Info-Tech Research Group
  • Fastest Growing Company


  • Transfer HTTP to HTTPS
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Transfer large files promptly
  • Transfer infrastructure files to the cloud
  • Managed File Transferring
  • Business Automation Development Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Replace file transfer software and systems
  • Professional Training
  • Replacement Software
  • Integrate SFTP clients
  • Assessments

Globalscape offers only the best to their clients. From cutting-edge technology to customized solutions, Globalscape at Aquion https://www.aquion.com.au/ covers all bases. Here are some products they incorporate into their operations.

  • EFT Express
  • Collaboration
  • Public and private cloud
  • Compliance
  • Arcus Platform
  • Analytics
  • Comparison Graphs
  • Automation
  • Protocols
  • EFT
  • EFT Enterprise

Leadership Team

  • Peter Merkulov
  • Andrea Farmer
  • Dave Mello
  • Michael Canavan
  • Matt Goulet
  • Gary Mullen

Industries They Serve
Given their diverse roots and comprehensive services, Globalscape caters to various industries. Below are fields they serve.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Financial Services

Twistlock and Cyber Security

Where To Go for Cybersecurity

Twistlock Offers the Most Efficient Cyber Security Platform
This is a platform that is a cybersecurity container. This is the type of platform that works best for teams that use cloud native technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Apart from that, Twistlock is able to run containers and cloud native applications. Within the Twistlock platform, your applications and systems receive runtime defense, CI/CD, compliance, cloud native firewalls and vulnerability management.

How Does This Platform Function
Twistlock is able to deliver amazing cyber security by studying the behavior of your systems and applications. Once Twistlock’s security is able to understand your applications, it creates and enforces security models that can protect your applications from cyber threats. Twistlock is able to work on any cloud environment and protect your systems completely. This platform is able to seamlessly integrate with tools that your team has already put into place. By using these tools, this platform is able to offer a secure connection from the beginning to the end of your application’s lifecycle. Aquion Twistlock is built to protect applications on bare metal, virtual machine, AWS, Azure, AWS, Linux, and Windows. All of your system’s and application’s information is within your control, and the Twistlock platform is able to secure every cloud native environment that you have.

Google Cloud Platform Security
Twistlock has partnered up with Google Cloud Platform Security. By using this security platform, Twistlock is able to build an automated system that runs cloud native applications with the google cloud platform. These are integrations that support Google Cloud Security Command Center and Google Cloud Container Builder. Apart from that, the cyber security that is offered by Twistlock provides advanced security for Google Cloud functions. This allows you to use the full range of cloud data technologies while benefiting from complete protection on the Twistlock platform.

Istio is a mesh management platform that has become highly popular because of its efficiency and reliability. Twistlock has recently integrated with Istio in order to strengthen the capacity of this platform to learn capabilities for connectivity. Twistlock is able to use its platform to identify services that have been compromised. Once these services have been compromised, Twistlock is able to separate them and eliminate them. In this way, Twistlock is able to distribute compliance policies that will ensure secure configurations.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Twistlock?
If you want to be able to keep your systems and applications free from the next generation of threats than Twistlock by Aquion https://www.aquion.com.au/ is the platform for you. Cybersecurity is impossible to maintain without a good platform. Since that is the case, Twistlock is the platform that has been trusted by companies such as Amazon, Aetna, and Jfrog. It is a platform that is highly efficient, automated, and precise. This is a platform that is able to offer your systems and applications a full life vulnerability and compliance management platform that can integrate seamlessly with any CI tool that your team already has in place.