Globalscape and It’s Products

Why Globalscape?

Well versed in the field of software development, Globalscape demonstrates a profound understanding of industry needs. As a corporation that oversees the successful transfer of files, Globalscape is wholly concerned with preserving the sanctity of business affairs. If not for their innovative initiatives and top-tier services, companies would fall susceptible to unreliable outside sources. Fortunately, Globalscape instills relief, promising to “make business flow brilliantly.”

How Do They Do It?
Globalscape implements a sequence of tried-and-true methods aimed at “automating and securing data integration.” Their Enhanced File Transfer program, EFT, is the strongest tool at their disposal. When employed, the EFT solution will breed the following results.

  • Full transparency
  • Increased transfer exchange
  • Flexibility
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Handy resources
  • Unprecedented security
  • Compliance features
  • Guaranteed data execution
  • Automation details
  • Comparison reports
  • Replacement capabilities

What Do They Offer?
Applauded for their dynamic solutions, Globalscape Aquion offers an assortment of varied products. Here’s a synopsis of each product.

  • CuteFTP – maintain remote files, simply navigate the product’s interface, secure updates, manage information anytime
  • Mail Express – handles large files, complies with workflow automation, offers file restrictions, allows for internal and external exchanges
  • Wide Area File Services – multiple people can access files, simplified cloud files, devoid of errors, convenient

A company’s merit derives from their level of knowledge. Given Globalscape’s credentialed background, they undoubtedly possess a keen understanding of their trade. Some of the certifications they’ve earned are as follows.

  • FIPS 140-2 Certification
  • Cisco Developer Certification
  • Drummond Certification
  • RSA Certification
  • Microsoft Partner Certification
  • Data Platform Certification

Full Suite Of Services
Given their vast knowledge, it’s no surprise that Globalscape by provides an exceptionally robust line of services. These are some of the services they offer.

  • Product replacement
  • Product support
  • Assessment services
  • Seamless integration services
  • MFT
  • Large file transfers
  • Deployment services
  • Data exchange via various automations
  • Access to private and public clouds
  • Data integration
  • Automation workflow services
  • Cloud integration
  • Configuration transfers

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