Globalscape: World Class Solutions

Globalscape: Offering World-Class Solutions

Excelling in the realm of software, Globalscape allows for the secure transfer of online files. Armed with ample industry experience, Globalscape is exceedingly schooled in their domain. In fact, they’ve been a prominent member of their trade for upwards of three decades. In essence, Globalscape facilitates the inner workings of business affairs while simultaneously safeguarding the information that organizations share via the digital sphere. Revered as a competent software provider, Globalscape at Aquion revels in their renowned reputation. What’s more, their previous triumphs fuel their ongoing efforts, ensuring that their prestigious status remains untouched.

As an attempt to effectively illustrate Globalscape’s prowess, consider the list of honorable titles below.

  • Bronze Winner – Global Excellence Awards
  • Gold Winner – Security Category
  • 5-star Rating – The Channel Company
  • Top IT Leaders In The Channel
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Companies To Work For In Texas
  • HR Employer Of The Year
  • 2016 Best Places To Work
  • Champion Of Info-Tech Research Group
  • Fastest Growing Company


  • Transfer HTTP to HTTPS
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Transfer large files promptly
  • Transfer infrastructure files to the cloud
  • Managed File Transferring
  • Business Automation Development Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Replace file transfer software and systems
  • Professional Training
  • Replacement Software
  • Integrate SFTP clients
  • Assessments

Globalscape offers only the best to their clients. From cutting-edge technology to customized solutions, Globalscape at Aquion covers all bases. Here are some products they incorporate into their operations.

  • EFT Express
  • Collaboration
  • Public and private cloud
  • Compliance
  • Arcus Platform
  • Analytics
  • Comparison Graphs
  • Automation
  • Protocols
  • EFT
  • EFT Enterprise

Leadership Team

  • Peter Merkulov
  • Andrea Farmer
  • Dave Mello
  • Michael Canavan
  • Matt Goulet
  • Gary Mullen

Industries They Serve
Given their diverse roots and comprehensive services, Globalscape caters to various industries. Below are fields they serve.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Entertainment
  • Media
  • Financial Services

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