The Surprise Beginning

Welcome to my blog, the Surprise Beginning..


Conversations with toddlers are truly unique.

They have so much difficulty expressing just exactly what they mean, stumbling over pronunciation and meaning. Creating their own words to fill in the spaces in their vocabularies.

My little man becomes absolutely exasperated at times. So desperately wanting to be understood. Wanting me to help him or just to be a listening ear.

Sometimes I can’t help, I can’t get what he is trying to express, and he gives me this look: I thought you cared.

I wonder how often I give that look to the people in my life.

As adults, how do we react when the people we say we care about need us to be there for them?

Do we simply shoot them a text when we remember to reply? Or do we actually step up and make a plan to be there? To help or spend some time

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