Twistlock and Cyber Security

Where To Go for Cybersecurity

Twistlock Offers the Most Efficient Cyber Security Platform
This is a platform that is a cybersecurity container. This is the type of platform that works best for teams that use cloud native technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. Apart from that, Twistlock is able to run containers and cloud native applications. Within the Twistlock platform, your applications and systems receive runtime defense, CI/CD, compliance, cloud native firewalls and vulnerability management.

How Does This Platform Function
Twistlock is able to deliver amazing cyber security by studying the behavior of your systems and applications. Once Twistlock’s security is able to understand your applications, it creates and enforces security models that can protect your applications from cyber threats. Twistlock is able to work on any cloud environment and protect your systems completely. This platform is able to seamlessly integrate with tools that your team has already put into place. By using these tools, this platform is able to offer a secure connection from the beginning to the end of your application’s lifecycle. Aquion Twistlock is built to protect applications on bare metal, virtual machine, AWS, Azure, AWS, Linux, and Windows. All of your system’s and application’s information is within your control, and the Twistlock platform is able to secure every cloud native environment that you have.

Google Cloud Platform Security
Twistlock has partnered up with Google Cloud Platform Security. By using this security platform, Twistlock is able to build an automated system that runs cloud native applications with the google cloud platform. These are integrations that support Google Cloud Security Command Center and Google Cloud Container Builder. Apart from that, the cyber security that is offered by Twistlock provides advanced security for Google Cloud functions. This allows you to use the full range of cloud data technologies while benefiting from complete protection on the Twistlock platform.

Istio is a mesh management platform that has become highly popular because of its efficiency and reliability. Twistlock has recently integrated with Istio in order to strengthen the capacity of this platform to learn capabilities for connectivity. Twistlock is able to use its platform to identify services that have been compromised. Once these services have been compromised, Twistlock is able to separate them and eliminate them. In this way, Twistlock is able to distribute compliance policies that will ensure secure configurations.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Twistlock?
If you want to be able to keep your systems and applications free from the next generation of threats than Twistlock by Aquion is the platform for you. Cybersecurity is impossible to maintain without a good platform. Since that is the case, Twistlock is the platform that has been trusted by companies such as Amazon, Aetna, and Jfrog. It is a platform that is highly efficient, automated, and precise. This is a platform that is able to offer your systems and applications a full life vulnerability and compliance management platform that can integrate seamlessly with any CI tool that your team already has in place.

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