Why Rapid7?

Why Rapid7?

Steering clear of undesirable hacker attacks is what every web owner yearns for. Unfortunately, most don’t boast the know-how to circumnavigate such issues – enter Rapid7. Rapid7 is a computer security agency dedicated to safeguarding the inner workings of the digital domain. Promising to “reduce risk” and “detect and contain attacks,” Rapid7 eradicates potential threats by employing their sound techniques. Using a harmonious blend of technology and research, Rapid7 concocts individualized solutions to keep a company’s website well-oiled. Here are some of their tried-and-true approaches to combating cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

  • Emulates real-life scenarios to adequately determine level of risk
  • Creates an “attack storyboard”
  • Tells Rapid7 what that best course of action is
  • Suggests the best practices for precluding infiltration
  • Tests both internal and external sources

Vulnerability Management

  • Application scanning
  • Provides regular assessments
  • Detects and protects soft underbelly
  • Gives Rapid7 at Aquion full rein over implementing best tactics


  • Makes your website poised for rapid responses
  • Creates an “army” to cover all fronts
  • Develops a program for threat detection
  • Investigates the root of an attack
  • Arms individuals with various programs to deploy during varying situations

IoT Security

  • Ensures every facet of your digital domain is secure
  • Tests hardware and protocol
  • Analyzes firmware
  • Provides threat modeling


  • Assesses the damage of an attack
  • Clients receive shrewd counseling on strategies
  • Allows for remote access into your account
  • Provides consistent analysis

Unique products
In addition to these result-driven services, Rapid7 offers a slew of their personal products as well. These products are peculiar to Rapid7, making them wholly one of a kind. Rapid7’s concocted, tested, and perfected these products themselves, ensuring that each maintains a utilitarian purpose. Below are some products Rapid7 takes pride in offering.

  • InsightPhish
  • InsightIDR
  • InsightVM
  • Metasploit
  • Komand
  • InsightAppSec
  • InsightOps

Renowned for their ingenuity, Rapid7 from https://www.aquion.com.au/ leaps at the opportunity to exercise their enterprising aptitude. In fact, their mission is to eventually lead the SecOps movement, directing it down a path that runs parallel to Rapid7’s beliefs

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